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FUN FIT FLEX is TMA’s newest signature awareness and fundraising campaign dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the 75,000 people living with myositis. Each event will host a non-competitive fun walk, a festival of fitness demonstrations and activities, nutrition and wellness components, and family fun! Funds raised through FUN FIT FLEX will help support patient programs, enhance professional education efforts, and propel critical research for cures. In 2022, we will launch this interactive community awareness event in six local communities across the country where dedicated participants will work to raise funds to continue our critical work. Participate as an individual or gather your friends, family, and co-workers to form a team – build awareness, fundraise, and come out and enjoy!

Are patients and survivors expected to fundraise?

Just like all other participants, patients and survivors have an opportunity to raise funds to support TMA's cause. Many of our highest individual fundraisers are patients and survivors, because they have compelling stories to share about their myositis experience. Patients/survivors who do not raise funds and want to attend the event are encouraged to attend and participate as guests of TMA. 

How does fundraising make a difference?

Funding cutting-edge research and providing support services to patients and their families during their myositis journey requires resources. In order to fuel our mission, we need participants like you to help raise critical dollars. Here are just a few examples of how these funds make a difference:

  • In communities across the country, TMA support and affinity groups provide patients and their families with a place to listen, learn and share with others in the same situation.

  • Myostis can be overwhelming. But help is just a phone call away. TMA helps educate and empower patients with resources leading to more informed treatment.

  • Since 2002, TMA has invested over $8 million in myositis research. 

Does every participant get a t-shirt?

Every participant who raises $100 or more will receive a FUN FIT FLEX t-shirt.

How long is the route?

FUN FIT FLEX events include a compilation of fitness activties and demonstrations. If there is a walk component included, actual distances for routes vary by event location. All walking components would be an optional, non-competitive, leisurely paced portion of the event. 

How difficult is it to organize a team?

It's very simple! Once you appoint a team captain to act as a liaison between TMA and your team, we will provide all the materials and guidelines to ensure success in building a successful FUN FIT FLEX fundraising team. 

How many people do we need to form a team?

We recommend that a team consist of at least 10 people, with each individual participant raising funds. Encourage your team members to beat the national fundraising average of $300, or raise a minimum of $100 or more through their effort. You can also have a team with fewer than 10 participants, or a team with many more! 

How can my company participate?

Companies participate by organizing teams of employees, including their friends, neighbors and family members, to raise money and walk in the event. Sponsorship opportunities are available at both the national and local level. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Shevelle Montgomery at

Is corporate team membership limited to employees of the company?

No. Team participation is encouraged among employees' families, friends and neighbors. The magical and uplifting setting of FUN FIT FLEX creates a fun, wholesome event that brings co-workers and their families together outside the office for the purpose of helping others.

Does having a corporate team require a corporate donation?

Corporate donations are encouraged but not required. The majority of contributions will be generated by your individual team members. However, corporate matching gifts can enhance employee fundraising efforts.

How are funds raised by a FUN FIT FLEX team?

Individual team members are responsible for setting goals and raising funds from co-workers, friends, neighbors and family members. Each participant automatically receives an online fundraising page upon registration. You can use this page to solicit donors and have them support you via online donations. The average FUN FIT FLEX participant raises $300.

Teams can also conduct fundraisers such as bake sales, dress down days, lemonade stands, golf tournaments - the sky is the limit! Be creative and have fun!

How is the money collected?

Each team member is responsible for collecting funds from supporters and giving them to the team captain, who forwards them to TMA. Funds raised online are automatically credited to the participant.

When do we have to register?

The sooner the better! The sooner you get started with your recruitment efforts and fundraising activities, the more success you can have. 

Where are fundraising tips and ideas?

When you register, we will receive your own online fundraising page. TMA can offer you great fundraising tips, ideas, samples and instructions on how to customize your personal fundraising page. You can use the page as is or add your own photos and personal message. Then, email your contacts a link to your site and watch the dollars start coming in! It's fun and simple to do.

How is the money used?

Proceeds from FUN FIT FLEX help advance our mission: To improve the lives of persons affected by myositis, fund innovative research and increase myositis awareness and advocacy. This mission is carried out through funding extensive research for treatments and cures, government advocacy, patient support programs, community outreach and education programs

What happens if it rains?

The event is held rain or shine.

TMA has staff members who would be more than happy to meet with you and your team to talk about FUN FIT FLEX and help you build your team fundraising and recruitment plan.

Please contact TMA with additional questions about FUN FIT FLEX.

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