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Forging a partnership with The Myositis Association offers an organization the opportunity to support a great cause and mission. The benefits of this partnership provide broad-reaching opportunities:

Brand Recognition and Goodwill

By selecting a highly customized sponsorship package, your company or organization will be associated with our mission and the world’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to eradicating myositis. You can share your efforts of corporate responsibility and community involvement by connecting your organization with our communities.


Promotion of Company Products and Services

In partnership, an organization’s brand, as well as their products and services, can be promoted (with prior approval) across our international networks.  Our partners gain direct access to a powerful and passionate community of patients, care partners, healthcare professionals, and volunteers.


Team Building and Enhancement of Employee Morale

A mission like TMA’s brings people together across an organization to work towards a common goal. As you collaborate with us to make a difference, you may find people within your own company who have a personal connection to a myositis diagnosis. Partnering with TMA to “give back” to people and communities inspires all those who become involved, undoubtedly increasing employee morale.

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